Misconceptions About Tiles and Marbles – Things To Know

There are times when you might think about upgrading your place with new enhancements. The reason is simple – things get worn off after some time and they even begin to look old. When that happens to your premises, you feel rather sad at how it looks now compared to what it looked 10 or 15 years ago. They say nothing lasts forever and rightly so, which is why it is a must to start thinking about upgrading your premises entirely or at least giving it a facelift of sorts is a great idea. You might find yourself exploring options like Marble tiles in Dubai at some point to cover walls or floor, or looking for some other material to enhance the floor and hardtop of your kitchen. You can also use marble for the purpose but it should be matching and go well with the theme of your home. That said, you should always pay attention to your needs first and only then decide to act. Now that you are comfortable with the notion of fitting tiles, you are in a better position to counter the rumors and arguments that some naysayers present in order to prove that tiles and marbles are not worth your investment. Here are some of the misconceptions:

Don’t Last A Long Time

In other words, the tiles, and even marbles are not meant to be invested as they lack longevity and may not last as long as you had originally imagined. Interestingly, there is no basis to this claim whereas we have countless examples where tiles and marbles have lasted for decades. That’s true and you may have seen it at your home too which is why it is better not to believe in false propaganda.

Not Worthy Investment

Another interesting but baseless argument is that you shouldn’t invest in tiles and marbles and other similar materials as they’ll not last as you thought they would. The reason of thinking otherwise makes sense and you should do that if and when you feel like. After all, seeing contrary to what is being claimed is so obvious which is why one shouldn’t believe in mere rumors and ask for proof if and where possible.

Not Applicable As Upgrade

Whoever made this claim never bothered to look into several different upgrade options available in the market. We see countless Pvc wall panels fitted to commercial as well as residential places which is why there is no ground to this claim.