Don’t forget to enjoy Dubai’s nightlife during your visit!

A trip to Dubai is guaranteed to be a whole lot of fun from every single point of view. However, the one thing that you would not know of is that of the amazing night life that this amazing Emirate has to offer. If truth be told, the options available in terms of having fun in the evening and night are just about limitless. From hotels that offer an extensive variety of services to amazing bars and out of this world night clubs, Dubai has it all.


The one thing that is sure to surprise you is that Dubai literally transforms itself during the evening. You would be shocked to see the vast difference between the Dubai that you see during the warm and sunny days and the Dubai that you see during the evening as the sun goes down. You need to bear in mind the fact that Dubai receives and welcomes tourists from all around the world and for this reason, the Emirate makes sure that everyone is equally entertained. Even during slow days, you will see that the city is adequately prepared to entertain its guests with an amazing nightlife at the best dance clubs in Dubai.


However, before anything else, it is extremely important for you to learn about the restrictions applicable in Dubai. To start with, you must remember that there are strict alcohol laws in Dubai that you MUST follow. It is prohibited for city restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages. This is something that you will only be able to enjoy in your hotel’s bar.  Also, there is an age restriction placed on drinking, just like any other country out there. The minimum drinking age here is 21. Also, the law states that all clubs have to close down by 3 A.M. Apart from that, the age restriction for visiting nightclubs is 25 years, so if you wish to visit a club on a Thursday night in Dubai, you need to be at least that age.


A few really famous night clubs in this beautiful Emirate are the Kasbaa Night Club, the Irish Village, and the Bridges Bar. Apart from that, the most famous club is the Boudoir, but you need to know that only the luckiest people get to make it inside. This is because it is frequently visited by the rich and famous and that makes it very hard for common people to make it inside.