Common Pet Peeves That Translations Companies Encounter

Every profession has their own pet peeves and translation companies are no stranger to these things. If you are a client opting for a translation service, get to know these pet peeves and how to avoid them:

  • Giving ridiculous deadlines


This is definitely one of the most common pet peeves of document translators. A lot of clients expect that the documents they submitted will be translated in a matter of hours or a day. But you have to remember that translation is not an easy job, though translators make it look a little easy. A great deal of time would be spend on reading and understanding the text and another time is allotted for the actual translation.


If you want your translator to a submitted an accurate and more precise translation, it would be best to give them enough time to do it. Set a realistic deadline and ask them if your timetable is feasible. Be considerate with the timeline, especially if the documents are quite difficult to translate.


  • Asking changes in the middle of the translation


Another thing that gets into the nerves of translators are the changes on the original texts while the document is already in for translation. Some clients think that adding a one or two phrases is okay. But in reality, it is not. Adding or changing some parts of the original text while on the process of translation can change the meaning or context of the whole document. This can affect the translation process and have the translator start from the scratch.


Be sure to give a final editable document for the translator to work on. Do not attempt to make changes in the middle of translation as it would cause delay and merit another payment from your end.


  • Not providing enough details


This holds on technical translation jobs. Although the translator is quite adept about the jargons in the document, there might be some terms that your company is solely using. Not giving these details in advance would cause delay as the translation company keep on asking you about certain terminologies and phrases.


Prevent this from happening by giving complete details. For instance, if you are seeking for a medical document translation for your medical manuals, be sure to provide details in advance. These details would include the brief, target audience, summary and glossary of terms.

  • Low-balling translation services


This may be one of the most irritating pet peeves that translation companies encounter. There are some clients who think that translation service is a fairly easy job and requires minimum payment. But this should not be the case. For one, clients should see the value behind these translation services and how it can help their companies. Moreover, translation companies are investing on quality talents to provide accurate translations. By looking at this perspective, they will realize that this kind of job is no walk in the park and should be given appropriate compensation.

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