Dubai Zoo

Dubai Zoo grew and evolved together with the entire UAE. At the beginning it didn’t have as many animals as it does today. There were some wild cats and few giraffes. Slowly they introduced some monkeys and it slowly developed. Many say that it is not known why Dubai Zoo is one of the most popular in the world when it is obvious that it has much less animal species even than some European Zoos. One of the explanations is that it is only because it is placed in one of the most popular towns on Earth. One would expect fantastic conditions for animals living in Dubai, but that wasn’t always the case. Only in the past few years the authorities put the management of the Zoo under radar and some serious changes had been made. The general look of the zoo was always tolerable, but even that got much better in the past few years.

The issue of Dubai Zoo has been on the table for years. Like in every big city there are those who believe that no animals should live in the middle of concrete city and there are those convincing everybody that animals don’t mind and they are getting all they need. Dubai Zoo really did improve and it has some amazing attractions mainly oriented around the aquarium and water animals. Also, they have a rare species of chimps and taking a truly great care of them. The biggest problem occurred when it came to discussion about wild cats and other animals who could live in much better conditions not that far from there; they would have to move them in the area of Dubai Safari Park.

Good news is that the transfer of all animals is announced to happen late in 2017. Some giraffes have already been taken there in order to make it easier for them to mate in more natural circumstances. There will also be a part of the Dubai Safari Park where some of the animals will have the freedom to walk around freely, because the environment will be identical to their natural one. Also, they are hoping to find homes, with people, for animals considered to be more of pets than wild life. They made it clear that some of the creatures are too old and that is possible that some of them won’t be able to survive the transfer to the Park because they will have to be put to sleep in order to travel and be calm and anesthetics might be too much for them at that age.

Zoo is still at the same place, in Jumeirah Street, working every day from 10am to 6pm. It has been announced that once the zoo moves to the Park – there will be night tours organized. Everybody says that this new zoo will be one of the kind, like many other things and places in Dubai, and that it will be comfortable much more than the old one for animals, and for the visitors.