An intro to modern schooling systems

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A human child comes into this world with many abilities, most of which remain hidden until he reaches school going age. It is important that you as a parent, realize the potential of your kid from an early age. Keep in mind that the best way of making your kid aware of his abilities when it comes to learning is by admitting him into a top pre-school. The famous Froebel theory on early childhood education is a must read for every parent. You must spare some time out of your schedule and read it in detail. You will find that this famous German educator has a deep understanding of the human mind and its abilities to learn. His learning method was natural and very close to reality. He considered a child like a fresh plant. The learning must continue with the growth of every child. This helps children develop an interest in learning and when that happens, they’ll find it easy to take a profession of their choosing.

Influence on schools

It was only natural to have his influence on educational institutions as he came up with his own system. The kindergarten system is still one of the most popular early child development systems in the world today. Almost every modern pre-school either follow his theory entirely or carries the influence when developing the curriculum.

Key areas

It is well known that modern schools focus on the development of the curriculum and that’s something Froebel emphasized many years ago. In fact, he went on to put the teacher in the driving seat when it comes to guiding children. According to his method, teachers are the ones who should influence children more than anyone. Children look towards them and they should play a key role in helping them to understand.

Learning on time

Froebel states that not every time is a good time for learning. In other words, learning must be done only when children are ready for it. It is one of the reasons why almost all kindergarten schools maintain a strict timeline to this day.

Gaming and environment

Every game is a kind of learning experience and children love to play games. Essentially, they are willing to learn if there is a playing activity going on. Teachers must ensure that children are involved in plays as this helps them discover and learn about new things.

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