Languages in Dubai

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Dubai is a multicultural city that is full of diversity. There are many languages that are spoken within Dubai, as it is such a melting pot of cultures. Language is not much of a barrier within Dubai because of the multilingualism of the city.  No matter where you find yourself in Dubai you will not need to worry about communication. Arabic is the official language of the UAE and of Dubai, both for written and verbal communication. However, the most spoken language in Dubai is English. Arabic is the formal language of the Government of the UAE. They also publish rules and laws in Arabic. The natives of the UAE mainly speak Arabic. And while you can get by speaking English in Dubai, as in most foreign countries, if you are more ready to learn Arabic or attempt to try to learn to speak in Arabic, there will be more of a feeling of welcoming by natives of the UAE.


There are also a number of non-Arabic languages that are spoken in Dubai. While English has already been touched on, it’s important to know that English is used for business, trade, as well as tourism. There are a lot of expatriates who live and work in Dubai. Expatriates make up about seventy-five percent of the population, who either speak English or speak their native language. Many of the expatriates in Dubai are from Southern Asia, languages such as Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Tamil, Malayalam, etc. are widely spoken in Dubai.


The rising number of English speakers have raised concerns. There is a fear that the UAE is losing some of its national identity. Because of the high number of English speakers, the question can be raised if it is necessary to speak Arabic in Dubai. While Dubai is considered a cosmopolitan city with lots of different cultures, there is a wide variety of languages that can be heard. It’s important for Dubai residents to speak multiple languages due to Dubai receiving and attracting more and more tourists.


Most road signs and boards are written in both Arabic and English. It is important to keep in mind that even though Dubai has a number English speakers, if you travel to other parts of the UAE, English may not be as commonly spoken.


The public schools in Dubai teach in Arabic, but they do teach English as a second language. The private schools do conduct lectures in English or another foreign language. Many expats send their children to private schools because they use English as the main language.


It is always important to remember when visiting another country where your language isn’t the primary language, it’s always appreciated by the locals that you at least learn a few simple words.While Dubai is a melting pot of people and cultures, English tends to be the main form of communication. It’s polite and recommended to at least learn a little, to show that you respect their language and their culture, as well as showing appreciation. Language will never be a barrier in communication in Dubai. This city is truly one of the best destinations to learn lots of different languages of the world and learn more about different cultures.