Food That Should Be Taken In Moderation For Dental Health

Eating is probably one of the pleasures that we enjoy. But unfortunately, too much of your favorite dishes might be harmful for your teeth.

Know what these dishes and food are so you can start going easy on the intake:


  • Sweet treats

Sweet tooth individuals might feel a little disheartened by having this included on the list but it is the truth. Sweet treats like chocolates, candies, and sweet fruit juices leave a good amount of sugar in your mouth and teeth that can erode your teeth’s enamel.  Sugar, if not cleansed immediately, can attract bacteria that can wreak havoc on your teeth. The sweeter the treat is, the more dangerous it is for your teeth.


But it doesn’t mean that you need to forego the heavenly deserts. You just need to take these food in moderation to protect your pearly whites. Drinks water in between intakes and be sure to brush your teeth after eating sweet food.


  • Dark-colored food and drinks

Coffee and tea is part of everyday living for some, but it can be dangerous for your dental health. Dark-colored beverages are the common suspects for tooth discoloration. The dark pigment on these drinks stain the teeth and turn it dark and yellowish. Aside from coffee and tea, red wine and berries might also turn your pearly whites dark.


If possible, lessen the intake of these food and drinks. Use straw to lessen the contact of these drink to your teeth. Still, it would be best to clean your teeth after every intake.


  • Acidic food

Some people who are too fond of citrus fruits (probably for Vitamin C) think that too much intake will do no harm for their teeth. But in reality, they are unknowingly eroding their teeth’s enamel. Why? Citrus fruits contain acidic characteristics that can destroy the protective coating of your teeth. Patients might not experience the effect at once, but overtime, they will see how the acid eroded their teeth.


If intake cannot be avoided, be sure to drink water to get the acid of your mouth and your teeth. Balance it by eating alkaline-rich foods.


  • Hard-to-chew food

Chewing ice might be a fun habit but it can weaken and destroy your teeth overtime. If this habit will not be eliminated, you can expect some chipping and cracking soon. As much as possible, eat food that is soft and easy to chew. Not only it will help your teeth, but it can also help on digesting your food easily.


If your tooth has crack in it, be sure to look for a dentist that specializes in porcelain veneers in Dubai to fix that chipped tooth.


  • Too hot or too cold food

Tooth sensitivity is a common occurrence for some patients, but it can be uncomfortable. If you are usually experiencing tooth sensitivity during meal time, go easy on food that are too hot or too cold, and consult your dentist for possible treatment.

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